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To provide the best products and tools to help your body reach its potential and facilitate health and well-being, whilst promoting the benefits of an active lifestyle through an ecologically sustainable business. 
movement is life, life is movement 
Manta was never really planned, but grew organically out of necessity. Our modern lifestyle has lead to a polarisation of many people. Those who lead sedentary lives becoming stiff, rigid and immobile and those who take part in regular activity which can lead to injuries or repetitive strains as well as a desire to keep on improving. At Manta we’re here to support your body whatever the circumstance. 
After training for four years and gaining a masters degree in osteopathy and having over seven years clinical experience treating a huge range of people and problems, it became apparent to me that treatment alone is not always enough. 
Whilst intermittent manual therapy treatments can be extremely helpful, they are but a drop in the ocean compared to the way we live out everyday lives. That is why so many therapists recommend exercises and the use of a foam roller as a way of maintaining long term physical well being. 
Using the right foam roller is a quick and simple way of maintaining spinal mobility and health; improving posture, reducing pain and stiffness and increasing muscle performance and recovery. However, it became apparent to me that none of the foam rollers currently available are designed to target the important muscles and joints located either side if the spine. 
This led me to explore new designs by applying my anatomical knowledge and clinical experience to the problem; After several weeks of trial and error, I had my ‘light bulb’ moment. I awoke one morning with the new design fully formed in my mind, as if my brain had been working on it while I slept. After many more months of prototypes and refinement; I believe the Manta foam roller I have created is superior in design and function to its competitors. 
It is very important in this world of climate uncertainty that all businesses think about the responsibility they have to the environment. That is why, as Manta grows, we will invest in protecting our environment and minimising our impact so we can all enjoy the many wonders of the world for generations to come. 
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