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To provide the best foam roller to help your body reach its potential and facilitate health and well-being, whilst promoting the benefits of an active lifestyle through an ecologically sustainable business. 
The Next Generation Foam Roller 
As a sports osteopath back pain and stiffness is one of the most common issues I see and treat. In almost every case I would treat the erector spinae muscles which sit either side of the spine and are implicated in virtually every case of back pain, and can contribute to spinal stiffness. 
These muscles are very hard to stretch or treat yourself, yet often need continued treatment to keep them loose. This helps spinal function and can reduce back pain. While current foam rollers can be useful none of them can target these muscles because they hit the bony spinal protrusions before being able to reach the really important erector spinae muscles. This is why I designed the manta roller to mould around the spine allowing it to treat the postural spinal muscles and lead to a more profound spinal mobilisation. 
The other obvious problem with the foam rollers I was recommending to patients is that you can’t use them on the lower back, the most common area of pain in the whole body. The manta’s new design allows you to use the manta roller on the low back to help relieve pain and tension, letting you get on with life. 
Using the right foam roller is a quick and simple way of maintaining joint and muscle mobility and health. 
If you’re keen on sport and exercises the manta foam roller can improve the range of movement at joints; reduce the effects of delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS); reduce trigger points and lead to myofascial release allowing your body to perform at its best. 
If you have a more sedentary lifestyle and are tired of feeling stiff and sore the manta roller works to support circulation and lymphatic drainage; mobilises your whole spine and helps stop your muscles getting tight due to your work posture. 
At manta we know the effect that climate change could have in the future, and we believe that all businesses need to think about their responsibility to the environment. That is why, as Manta grows, we will invest in protecting our environment and minimising our impact so we can all enjoy the planet we share. 
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