Low back pain is the most common overuse injury in cyclists. A study looking at over 100 professional road cyclists found 58% had suffered with low back pain in the last 12 months. The Manta foam roller is the only foam roller that is safe and effective for use on the lower back, due to its unique design that allows it to mould around the spine. This means it can target and treat the paraspinal muscles which sit deeper than the protruding parts of the spine. 
Stress, anxiety, depression. This unhappy triad can have a huge effect on people's lives whether they’re suffering with one, two or three of these highly common traits. There is, of course, a place for prescription medication and I would encourage anyone who is prone to feeling down or overwhelmed to go and speak to their doctor. 
I would also remind people of the beneficial effects of exercise on mental health. Research has shown that physical activity can help mild to moderate depression, anxiety and stress. 
What are Shin Splints? 
Shin Splints is the generic name given to pain located at the front or outside of one's shin, and is one of the most common complaints for joggers and people involved in high impact sport. It is usually caused and exacerbated by exercise. 
It is not generally serious but is painful and can inhibit you from playing sport. This can be due to micro-tears in the muscles causing inflammation, or due to tight muscles and fascia pulling on the tibia bone where they insert. 
What causes Shin Splints? 
A sudden increase in weight bearing physical activity 
Repetitive and consistent running on hard surfaces, such as roads and pavements 
Poor running technique 
Wearing inappropriate or ill fitting footwear 
Having tight calves 
Should you use a foam roller your lower back? 
Anyone who uses a foam roller will probably have experienced their physio, osteopath, personal trainer or friends warning them to never, ever foam roll the lower back, usually indicating that there would be some indefinable dire consequence if you do so. Even if they are light on details or specifics their instincts are correct. It’s correct for virtually all foam rollers - apart from the Manta foam roller. 
Low Back Pain 
According to the World Health Organisation, low back pain is the leading cause of activity limitation and absence from work throughout much of the world. It is an ever growing problem and one of the leading causes why people make appointments to see their GP’s. Many people are treated with painkillers, but don’t necessarily address the root of the problem. 
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