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 The Manta Shape 

Manta’s trademark shape allows it to mould around the contours of your spine, so the central ridges of the roller can reach the important erector spinae muscles and facet joints that run either side of the spinal column. This unique design means the manta roller is one of the only rollers that can be used on the low back. 
This delivers a more effective spinal mobilisation and muscular treatment, as these are the muscles and joints that are often implicated in back pain and stiffness. Other foam rollers simply cannot reach these areas as they only come into contact with the protruding parts of the spine or ribs, and so miss more vital structures. The outer curves of the Manta foam roller are designed to reach the muscles of the upper back and ribs and so provide treatment of the whole back. 
The raised ridges of the Manta foam roller are also useful when rolling larger muscle groups, such as the gluteals, hamstrings and calves. The reduced surface area of the ridges increase the pressure at contact allowing the Manta foam roller to penetrate further into the muscle belly giving more profound results. 

 Composition of the Manta Foam Roller 

The Manta foam roller consists of a central core of hollow plastic with a layer of firm EVA foam on the outside. 
The core provides great durability and strength to the roller, as well as minimising the amount of EVA foam needed, making it more environmentally friendly. 
The EVA foam provides a firm but manageable surface, excellent for use on the whole body. 

 The Manta Roller  


 How it works 

The Manta foam roller applies the same method as osteopaths, physiotherapists and sports massage therapists to release tight muscles and trigger points.  
Neuromuscular techniques encourage the muscle to relax, and disperse trigger points (nodules or knots in tight bands of muscle) by stimulating blood flow to ischaemic areas of the muscle. Endorphins are released, which help reduce pain and loosen tight muscles. Pressure from the manta roller also acts on the Golgi tendon organs, which cause further easing of overly taut muscle fibres. 
In addition, using the manta roller along the back mobilises the joints of the spine and ribs by gently separating them, thereby encouraging segmental movement and improving overall spinal function. 
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