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Best roller I've used 
Best roller I’ve used. The Manta roller is firm enough to give a deeper muscle massage. The middle ridges are great for the lower back and spine and the outer ridges really work my shoulder blades. The roller shape helps you to focus on problem areas by positioning the ridges of the roller over trigger points. 
Henry Weir - Olympic Athlete, GB & England Hockey 
Seriously good bit of kit 
The Manta foam roller is a seriously good bit of kit. The unique spinal groove certainly makes a difference and you can really feel it targeting the hard to reach muscles. Myofascial release is a key part of my self care principles I give my clients, especially nowadays as we are more sedentary than ever. The manta roller is a great tool to aid this. 
Callum Jackson - Former Professional Cricketer & Personal Trainer 
Highly Recommend 
I’m a keen cyclist & have quickly incorporated the Manta Foam Roller into my pre & post ride routine. I have had shoulder/upper back problems in the past so the Manta is perfect for targeting these areas without putting pressure on the spine. The shape is also perfect for digging into all of the big muscle groups in the legs. I would highly recommend this product for anyone considering a foam roller. 
Matt, 28, Cyclist 
Great Product 
As an experienced club runner who suffers from hamstring injuries, I have used foam rollers for several years. Although many rollers have a knobbly surface, I have found them to be of limited value. The Manta foam roller is different because of its shape. I find the ridges help focus the pressure deep into the part of the muscle that’s injured. This is a great product that’s different from others on the market. 
Andrew, Runner 
The grove for the spine is amazing 
I've just received the foam roller and I can tell it's one of the best I've used so far. The groove for the spine is amazing and doesn't feel painful at all! Will strongly recommend it to my patients!! 
Amel, Osteopath 
The best foam rollers 
One of the best foam rollers on the market and certainly the best I’ve used, so much so that I now sell them at my clinic. Highly recommended! 
Claire Slater-Gallon BSc (HONS), Physio and Osteopath 
Gets deeper into spinal joints 
Absolutely love this foam roller. Fantastic for releasing trigger points in the rhomboids and deep back muscles that other rollers can’t reach. Also gets deeper into spinal joints. Highly recommended 
Sian Smith M.Ost ND DO, Osteopath 
Best thing out there for spinal mobilisation 
Being an osteopath I have used the manta foam roller with patients and on myself. I couldn’t recommend it enough. It is the best thing out there for spinal mobilisation and releasing muscle tightness! 
Erik Inarra M.Ost ND DO, Osteopath 
Fantastic foam roller 
Fantastic foam roller. Perfect for working into the muscles either side of the spine. Highly recommend! 
Zoe Clark M.Ost ND DO, Osteopath 
Hits the spots other rollers miss 
Best foam roller I’ve tried, hits the spots other rollers miss. 
Lee McElligott, Personal Trainer 
Highly recommended foam roller 
I love my Manta roller, it has become an integral part of my post run stretching routine, for my legs as well as releasing my back really deeply. Highly recommended foam roller 
Lily Cumming M.Ost ND DO, Osteopath 
A really good product 
A really good product. The roller gets into the muscles in a way that others do not and I felt very good after using it. You can tell that it has been designed by someone who totally understands how we are made and who has a lot of experience working with people. I would highly recommend this roller. 
Lynsey Metcalfe, Personal Trainer & Alexander Technique teacher 
It really targets muscles 
As someone with a history of back pain & stiffness the Manta roller has been an amazing find. It really targets muscles that other rollers can’t reach, and has undoubtedly reduced stiffness during my time using it 
Chris, Cricketer 
Quite simply the best roller 
Quite simply the best roller I have ever come across, designed with all the knowledge and empathy of a genuine health and fitness expert. As an osteopath and exercise enthusiast, I use it daily and recommend it to my patients. Simply put, it reaches the parts other rollers simply cannot... it is as effective for back and limb care as its elegant design suggests. 
Mathieu Rossano, Osteopath 
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